About Everyday Exile

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Founded 2010 as a platform allowing Tibetans in exile anywhere in the world to share their personal stories, in words and images, with an online readership with the eventual goal of sharing these in print format. Now covering all aspects of Tibetan culture through photo essays and brief explanatory articles. A series of related books is planned.


In 2009, Tammy came to McleodGanj, India, capital of the Tibetan government in exile and home to HH the 14th Dalai Lama. She became involved in a small non-profit where she volunteered as an English conversation teacher and helped plan events to broaden awareness of the Tibetan situation.

While in McleodGanj, Tammy became acquainted with numerous Tibetan exiles, including former political prisoners, monks and nuns. Their personal stories moved her deeply. When she returned to the US and spoke about her experiences, Tammy realized that a surprising number of people have little or no knowledge of the Tibetan situation. She began to develop Everyday Exile Project, a way to bring the Tibetan situation to a wider audience. It quickly developed into an on-going internet outlet for Tibetan exile voices.

Since April 2011, the focus has shifted to covering news from exile communities and providing information on Tibetan culture and organizations.
A companion photojournalism blog has been added at Everyday Exile Photojournalism.