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Founded 2010 as a platform allowing Tibetans in exile anywhere in the world to share their personal stories, in words and images, with an online readership with the eventual goal of sharing these in print format. Now covering all aspects of Tibetan culture through photo essays and brief explanatory articles. A series of related books is planned.


“Everyday Exile, Life in the Tibetan Settlements of India and Nepal" by Tammy Winand is now available.

The goal of Everyday Exile is to present a first-hand narrative that anyone from school child to adult can learn and benefit from. The book is aimed at those with little or no knowledge of Tibetan culture or history.
It is the book the author wishes someone had written and handed to her when she first arrived in the Tibetan community.

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The pieces presented in Everyday Exile are compiled from a variety of sources including but not limited to the author's first hand experiences, pieces written by her Tibetan acquaintances for the original Everyday Exile Project blogs, direct interviews with the subjects, and a number of websites related to Tibetan issues.

Due to language barriers and poor translations, some inclusions may be inaccurate or incomplete. However, each piece conveys at least one individual's truth about their personal experience.
The pieces on history, politics, Tibetan Buddhism, food and naming are compiled from firsthand observations or from (limited) study, and are "true" to the best of my knowledge.

If anyone find any errors or grave omissions in the book, please email me so that I may make swift corrections.

While I am very excited about the release of my book regarding the Tibetan exile community, please know that my heart and prayers are with those Tibetans inside Tibet whose situation at the hands of China's CCP are the reason there is in fact an exile community at all.

Please pray for human rights, freedom of religion, an end to oppression and torture, and for the return of His Holiness the Dalai Lama to Tibet.

Testimonials for Everyday Exile book:
*"This book lives up to all it promises. It is an engaging and easy to understand account suitable for anyone interested in the plight of the Tibetan Exile community. 

For those unfamiliar with the situation of Tibet, the author includes an interesting, brief history of how His Holiness the Dalai Lama came to leave Tibet and find asylum in India and the events that have forced thousands more Tibetans to make the harrowing journey of escape to Nepal and Dharamsala over the subsequent years. 

The highlight of the book for me are the candid interviews with some of these exiles, who opened up to the author, recounting painful memories of persecution and torture back in China and their daring, brave escapes to be near their spiritual leader, HH the Dalai Lama. What shines through in these accounts is the incredible courage of these men and women, whose wish it is to have their stories made known. I wish the book would have been longer, and shall keep an eye out for a second part.

I recommend this book to everyone who is interested in human rights and to anyone who would like to learn about the fascinating Tibetan refugee communities of India and Nepal. I applaud the author for this valuable work, which will contribute to raising awareness of the world wide "Freedom for Tibet" cause."
~Roni K., Australia

*"Thanks so much for your dedication to the Tibetan situation.  As far as I know, there are not that many western supporters and sympathizers who have taken the pain and trouble to write books on the Tibetan situation although many have spoken or contributed write-ups or articles in various papers and journals. So, Tammy, your having completed a book on Tibet is simply wonderful to say the least."
~Tenpa Chophel Samkhar,  ANEC Peace, Dharamsala

*"Tammy writes (from her) inner feelings."
~Ngawang Choephel, Tibet in Song

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